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Straight Talk - Affordable cell phones and smart phones with bundled minutes, text and web access from $30.00 per month.  Reliable nationwide coverage with no contracts. Unlimited calling options are available. Now works with your current iPhone!  Learn more.


GreatCall - Simple, easy to use cell phones with no contract plans from $14.99 per month.  Reliable nationwide coverage. Unlimited and international calling options are available. Popular 5 Star Urgent Response is great for seniors and kids!  Learn more.







Cell Phone Plans and Comparisons


We're Cell Phone Plans and Comparisons and we want you to find the best wireless deals for cell phones, smart phones, and other wireless devices including the iPad, iPod and digital readers.

Comparison of cell phone calling plans

We provide information for most major cell phone providers so that you can compare both cell phones and cell phone calling plans.  You can even compare the cost of upgrading with your current cell phone provider versus switching to a different provider. 

Reviews of Cell Phone Plans and Ratings

We're here to help you make an informed decision before you buy your next wireless device.  Another exciting benefit is your ability to see cell phone customer reviews and ratings before you buy. Compare how well the cell phone you're considering stacks up against the competition. 

Best deals on cell phone plans

Everyone wants a great deal and we make it easy to find the best cell phone deal that's right for you.  When you join our exclusive Member's Only club you will have access to our Best Deals - including our complete list of penny cell phone deals.  That's right - cell phones and other wireless devices for just 1-cent. Membership is free so join today and get access to those penny cell phone deals.

Shop In Confidence

When you find the best cell phone plan you can shop in confidence knowing that you're order is being fulfilled by Amazon.com. To help make your experience more interactive, please contact us with any comments or product suggestions.  Let Cell Phone Plans and Comparisons find the best wireless cell phone plan for you.

Latest No-Contract Phones

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